Moving to

Posted on - May. 12. 2014. by calvinbottoms

This blog has moved to Please follow me there.... Continue reading →

Hurray for Erlang 17.0!

Posted on - Apr. 10. 2014. by bryanhunter

Pretty excited about yesterday's release of Erlang/OTP 17.0. You can read more about why this release is important from Joe Armstrong's February 1 post: "Big Changes to Erlang". The release of Erlang/OTP 17 is important to the v1.0 release of Elixir ... Continue reading →

Rebuilding Haskell in C#: Functors

Posted on - Jan. 20. 2014. by calvinbottoms

Look out; I've been digging into Haskell again. I enjoy learning about Haskell, but more than that, I enjoy learning to think in a functional way. Haskell is a particularly good language to facilitate that, as it is arguably the most functional of fu... Continue reading →

Polyglot Survival Guide: Erlang, Haskell, F#, and Elixir

Posted on - Jan. 20. 2014. by calvinbottoms

Lately I have been bouncing back and forth between Erlang and Haskell, two profoundly significant functional languages that I find both very different and very similar. They are very different in their philosophies and thought patterns, particularly ... Continue reading →

Picking Winners

Posted on - Aug. 19. 2013. by Jim Cowart

NOTE: This was a difficult post to write. Saying what I want to say involves mentioning more job-related specifics than I usually feel comfortable with. Nevertheless, here goes... "I've made it a policy to not recommend friends for jobs anymore..." ... Continue reading →